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Our Community page, allows you to search for a Community center Meals on Wheels, and congregate meals service in your city.

The greatest good fortune for the old is to have projects, to have days filled with useful and interesting work, to never be bored. - Helen Nearing

Community Centers: provide an assortment of programs and activities that meet community needs and promote community involvement in recreation, cultural activities, education, health and family life activities.

There are two types of food delivery available, home-delivered
meals and congregate meals. Home-delivered meals are provided by
Meals on Wheels and by the Area Agency on Aging

Meals on Wheels: deliver meals to the homes of the elderly and people with disabilities who cannot shop for or prepare food for themselves and have no other reliable means of obtaining their daily meals. Meals on Wheels also improve the physical and mental health of those served by providing them with a balanced, nutritious and appealing diet, as well as providing the daily contact of a caring volunteer.

There are Area Agencies on Aging throughout the state, which provide information, food,
community centers, legal resources, and etc.

Congregate meals are provided daily in group settings such as senior centers. Participants in the congregate meal program have the opportunity to socialize while enjoying nutritionally-balanced meals. As part of the program, nutrition counseling and nutrition education are also made available.


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